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Hi, everyone.

20 Aug

At first I would like to congratulate myself on becoming the laureate on the Elle’s contest. I’m proud of myself ;).
And what I wore yesterday?
My lovely dress from ZARA, which is similar to the dress from Burberry prorsum Fall 2010 campaign. My best shoes also from ZARA. So useful vintage sack. and my favourite belt from ZARA.



16 Aug

Cape it’s my number 1, I have to say. It’s the most comfortable and fashionable cloth this fall. You can wear it anywhere, anyhow, on everything you have in your closet. I’ve chosen the grey one, this from H&M for only 79,90 zl ! This price was the next argument why I should have something like that in my closet. So I have it. I wear it with my new oxford ZARA shoes, which are one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. Of course I couldn’t forget about socks which I borrowed from my father ! And my new treasure- chocolate, suede sack.
And what do you think about it?

leopard prints.

11 Aug

So. The autumn is coming and I have to say that I’m already waiting for it. I love the new ZARA collection, especially coats with hoods. And what do you think about A/W 2010 C.?
Today I’ve chosen some clothes with leopard prints. I think it’s because of the song “Wild world” to which I’m addicted.

skirt- h&m
shoes- h&m
necklace- ?
belt- vintage

Jeans & Denim

5 Aug

I take part in Elle Poland competition. It would be good if I won anything. But time will show :). The results are at the beginning of the next week so keep your fingers crossed !
And now something about my today’s outfit. I decided to wear jeans. I was inspiring myself on Cloe S/S 2010 collection *( I’m thinking about this outfit with blue shirt and long jeans with patches).
I hope you will like it.

Fall A/W 2010

23 Jul

Today I’m wearing something from A/W ZARA 2010 collection. I felt in love in these shoes from the under note photos. Of course appeared lace on my skirt. I love this comingh season. Aviator jacket or camel coat is the must have in my closet. I want to find a beautiful creme lace dress. I hope my dreqam will be realized.

In the afternoon I’m traveling to my mum ( She’s at the seaside). We will have (I hope so) fantastic weekend together. Without any problems or duties. I wish you fun in these following 2 days too.

To Monday?


19 Jul

5.07-16.07 were the most amazing days in 2010. Despite I couldn’t drink anything I had a lot of fun there! I’ve seen the National Park Krka and Croatia Island. It’s more beautiful than a pearl !
Of course we’ve got summer so nobody can’t forget about stripes in his/her closet. And I didn’t ! I add some photos from this fantastic country. See and have fun too ! 🙂

Welcome holidays!

25 Jun

Today I spent my last ours in my school. No more rules for about 2 months. So welcome holidays !

I received a letter  from kurator oświaty. I couldn’t believe it ! It was such a distinction.

But know something about fashion. So. I wonder if I could see one of the fashion weeks in the near future. I hope I would achievie it anyhow. If there’s anybody who has any connections with any ticket seller I would be grateful. But now seriously.

Today military style, something connecting with FW 2010.

blazer- ?
t-shirt- ZARA
leggins- ZARA
shoes- ZARA